Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hunter Dinerant

The Hunter Dinerant in Auburn, NY is a "gem" of a diner in many ways. The fact that the building has had very little alterations done to it over the years, that it was almost certainly built by the same company that built the Little Gem in Syracuse and it literally sits over the Owasco River makes it a worthwhile trip to check out this diner for those reasons alone. Oh, and it also has very good diner food on top of all those things.
Situated at 18 Genesee St. in Auburn, the Hunter is an 1951 O'Mahony built diner with tons of stainless steel both inside and out, it is also cantilevered over the Owasco River for added effect. It replaced two older Ward & Dickinson diners that had occupied the property over the years (but they were not cantilevered over the river, they sat against the wall of the building next door).
A big thanks to T Barry for joining me on this day trip for an early lunch for me (I had the deluxe hamburger, very good) and she had a late breakfast (the mushroom omelet and declared it delicious) it was her first time there, but I had eaten there a few times in the past. We then wandered around town snapping some pics and checking out the Auburn Flea Market. 

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